gr. = todo, multiplicidade, múltiplo total. As ideias apreendidas como unidades que são, mas as múltiplas coisas sensíveis que nelas participam apreendidas como em processo de devir. hoi polloi = a multidão, o grande número.

Guthrie: Tractate 38 (VI, 7) - HOW IDEAS MULTIPLIED, AND THE GOOD


1. The eyes were implanted in man by divine foresight.

Senses not given to man because of experience of misfortunes.

Nor because of god's foresight of these misfortunes.

Foresight of creation is not the result of reasoning.

Both reasoning and foresight are only figurative expressions.

In god all things were simultaneous, though when realized they developed.

2. In the intelligible, everything possesses its reason as well as its form.

Intelligence contains the cause of all its forms.