Peter Sterry (1613–1672) foi um teólogo inglês independente, associado com os Platonistas de Cambridge, muito proeminente durante a Guerra Civil Inglesa.

Peter Sterry: Renascer

At the season of the New Birth, says Sterry, " God discovers Himself in the soul as a glorious ground, out of which thy life and thy Jesus spring up together by degrees, like twin-lilies— roses from the same stalk or root, which is Christ." When the set time is come, nothing can withstand that rising, for Jesus Christ and the soul are together born anew from the womb of Eternal Love where they lay hid.

Peter Sterry: Pensamento

The mystic or evangelical life is, according to Sterry's teaching, a life in which man ministers unto God, offering up himself unto God "as a perpetual sacrifice in a flame of love," and receiving from Him divine manifestations and communications according to the divine good pleasure, " and all this with an open contemplation of Him, and an assured complacency in Him."

Peter Sterry: Obra

In addition to various sermons, Sterry's published works consist of The Spirit Convincing of Sin, London, 1645 ; Discourse of the Freedom of the Will, London, 1675—the preface to which, one writer has said " will bear a comparison with Cudworth's famous sermon on the same subject"; The Rise, Race and Royalty of the Kingdom of God in the Soul of Man (with preface by Cromwell's chaplain, Jeremiah White), London, 1683 ; an

Peter Sterry (1613–1672)


ASPECTS OF CHRISTIAN MYSTICISM (1907) - Scott, W. Major (William Major)

Peter Sterry and his writings have fallen into general but undeserved obscurity, although, among those who are versed in mystical theology and thought, his name is honoured and his writings studied still. Sterry's works exercised great influence in their day, and their influence among "the curious and understanding in this kind of writings" is not yet spent.