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Sobre a beleza. Esboça uma primeira notícia sobre as Ideias.

Jowett: HPM 303d-304e: Epílogo

Socrates : “Then tell us again,” he will say, “from the beginning, [303e] since you failed this time ; what do you say that this ‘beautiful’, belonging to both the pleasures, is, on account of which you honored them before the rest and called them beautiful ?” It seems to me, Hippias, inevitable that we say that these are the most harmless and the best of pleasures, both of them collectively and each of them individually ; or have you anything else to suggest, by which they excel the rest ?

Hippias : Not at all ; for really they are the best.

Jowett: HPM 300c-303d: Atribuição coletiva e atribuição parcial

Socrates : And certainly many such cases appear before my mind, but I mistrust them because they do not appear to you, [300d] a man who has made more money by wisdom than anyone now living, but to me who never made any money at all ; and the thought disturbs me that you are playing with me and purposely deceiving me, they appear to me in such numbers and with such force.

Jowett: HPM 297e-300c: Quinta tentativa de difinição da beleza

Socrates : But it seems to me that I am so eager to know that I cannot wait for you while you delay ; for I believe I have just now found a way out. Just see; how would it help us towards our goal if we were to say that that is beautiful which makes us feel joy ; I do not mean all pleasures, but that which makes us feel joy through hearing and sight ?

Jowett: HPM 296e-297e: Causa e efeito

Socrates : Then the beautiful is the cause of the good.

[297a] Hippias : Yes, it is.

Socrates : But surely, Hippias, the cause and that of which the cause is the cause are different ; for the cause could not well be the cause of the cause. But look at it in this way was not the cause seen to be creating ?

Hippias : Yes, certainly.

Socrates : By that which creates, then, only that is created which comes into being, but not that which creates. Is not that true ?

Hippias : That is true.

Jowett: HPM 295c-296e: Quarta tentativa de definição da beleza

Socrates : Ah, don’t boast, Hippias. You see how much trouble it has caused us already ; I’m afraid it may get angry and run away more than ever.[295b] And yet that is nonsense ; for you, I think, will easily find it when you go away by yourself. But for Heaven’s sake, find it in my presence, or, if you please, join me, as you are now doing, in looking for it. And if we find it, that will be splendid, but if we do not, I shall, I suppose, accept my lot, and you will go away and find it easily.

Jowett: HPM 293c-295b: Exame crítico da noção de conveniência

Socrates : “You think, then, what you did not say just now, that to bury one’s parents and be buried by one’s offspring is sometimes and for some persons disgraceful ; [293c] and it is still more impossible, as it seems, for this to become and to be beautiful for all, so that the same thing has happened to this as to the things we mentioned before, the maiden and the pot, in a still more ridiculous way than to them; it is beautiful for some and not beautiful for others.

Jowett: HPM 291c-293c: Terceira tentativa de definição da beleza

[291d] Hippias : I will tell you; for you seem to me to be seeking to reply that the beautiful is something of such sort that it will never appear ugly anywhere to anybody.

Socrates : Certainly, Hippias; now you understand beautifully.

Hippias : Listen, then ; for, mind you, if anyone has anything to say against this, you may say I know nothing at all.

Socrates : Then for Heaven's sake, speak as quickly as you can.

Jowett: HPM 289d-291c: Segunda tentativa de definição da beleza

Hippias : Well, certainly, Socrates, if that is what he is looking for, nothing is easier than to answer and tell him what the beautiful is, by which all other things are adorned and by the addition of which they are made to appear beautiful. [289e] So the fellow is very simple-minded and knows nothing about beautiful possessions. For if you reply to him : “This that you ask about, the beautiful, is nothing else but gold,” he will be thrown into confusion and will not attempt to confute you.