(c. 412-48c dC) Aluno de Siriano e de Plutarco de , depois da morte de Siriano foi por quase meio século diretor da escola platônica em Atenas. Tudo que escreveu nos resta incompleto. Autor de inú comentários aos escritos platônicos, assim como aristotélicos e plotinianos. [SCHÄFER]

Taylor: athanaton

The Immortal = to athanaton. According to Plato, there are many orders of immortality, pervading from on high to the last of things; and the ultimate echo, as it were, of immortality, is seen in the perpetuity of the mundane wholes, which according to the doctrine of the Elean Guest in the Politicus, they participate from the Father of the universe. For both the being and the life of every body depend on another cause; but since body is not itself naturally adapted to connect, or adorn, or preserve itself.