Guthrie: Tractate 10 (V, 1) - The Three Principal Hypostases, or Forms of Existence.


The Three Principal Hypostases, or Forms of Existence.


Audacity the cause of human apostasy from the divinity.

Conversion is effected by depreciation of externalities, and appreciation of the soul herself.

Kinship of the human soul with the divine.

Souls are divine because the world was created by the universal soul.

Soul-power revealed in the simultaneity of control over the world.

As life transfigures matter, so the universal soul glorifies us.

The soul as the hypostatic actualization of intelligence.

The soul's relation to intelligence is that of matter to form.

The intelligible world is the archetype of ours.

Above intelligence and existence is their simultaneous principle.

The six categories from which all things are derived.

The soul as number connected with intelligence.

Thought is actualization of sight. And both form but one thing.

Mystery or derivation of second from first.

Generation is the radiation of an image.

Intelligible rest is the determination and form by which they subsist.

Myths of Saturn, Jupiter and Rhea.

Plato teaches three spheres of existence.

This doctrine taught by Parmenides.

Anaxagoras teaches the same thing.

Heraclitus also taught the same thing.

Empedocles taught the same thing.

Aristotle taught the same thing.

What the pythagoreans taught on the subject.

To the three principles in the universe must correspond three principles in us.

There must be an objective justice and beauty to which we are intimately united.

These principles last ever; even though we are distracted from them.