Benjamín Jowett nació el 15 de abril de 1817 en Londres, Inglaterra; y falleció el 1 de octubre del año 1893. Fue educador, traductor, teólogo y erudito inglés. Traductor de las obras de Platón.




Persons of the Dialogue : SOCRATES, CLEITOPHON.

[406a] Socrates : It was told us recently by someone about Cleitophon, the son of Aristonymus, that in a conversation he had with Lysias he was finding fault with the instructions of Socrates and praising to the skies the lectures of Thrasymachus.



Persons of the Dialogue : DEMODOCUS, SOCRATES, THEAGES.

[121a] Demodocus : Socrates, I was wanting to have some private talk with you, if you had time to spare ; even if there is some demand, which is not particularly important, on your time, do spare some, nevertheless, for me.

Socrates : Why, in any case I happen to have time to spare, and for you, moreover, I have plenty. Well, you are free to say whatever you wish.

Demodocus : Then do you mind if we step aside here from the street into the portico of Zeus the Liberator ?



Persons of the Dialogue : SOCRATES, A Friend.

[225a] Socrates : And what is love of gain ? What can it be, and who are the lovers of gain ?

Friend : In my opinion, they are those who think it worth while to make gain out of things of no worth.

Socrates : Is it your opinion that they know those things to be of no worth, or do not know ? For if they do not know, you mean that the lovers of gain are fools.


[10.358c] Plato to Aristodorus wishes well-doing.

I hear that you now are and always have been one of Dion’s most intimate companions, since of all who pursue philosophy you exhibit the most philosophic disposition ; for steadfastness, trustiness, and sincerity — these I affirm to be the genuine philosophy, but as to all other forms of science and cleverness which tend in other directions, I shall, I believe, be giving them their right names if I dub them “parlor-tricks.” So farewell, and continue in the same disposition in which you are continuing now.